The Birth of Nutrimate

The Birth of Nutrimate

Welcome to Nutrimate Pet Foods,

At Nutrimate we pride ourselves on our commitment to pets and pet owners on our ability to provide affordable quality dog food designed for all life stages. 

Our Managing Director, Richard Pace has over 35 years’ experience in delivering high-quality value-added products for humans. 2021 Richard turned his attention to the Pet Food industry. Seeing that there was a great need for affordable, high quality pet foods for busy Australian families to be served up for nutritional dietary needs of their furry mates.

And he was right! In Australia there are no guidelines provided, so all our products are designed to meet the high standards set out by the Association of American Feed Control (AAFCO). The AAFCO Dog and Cat Food Nutrient Profiles were designed to establish practical, minimum and some maximum nutrient concentrations for dog and cat foods, formulated from commonly used, non-purified, complex ingredients


And of course, being 100% Australian owned and operated, Nutrimate are PFIAA accredited!  The Pet Food Industry Association of Australia Inc. (PFIAA) has traditionally managed its Code of Practice for the Manufacturing & Marketing of Pet Food as a guide for pet food manufacturers.

So yes, we are a bit new to Pet Food, but with our experience in Human foods, we strive to make a new standard in the Pet Food Industry by delivering such a high-quality affordable range being sold Nationally and exclusively through our Australian Independent Supermarkets.

At Nutimate we are so proud to be Australian owned and operated, that’s why we operate from Western Australia. WA is so abundant in local fresh produce we don’t even use synthetic omega 3 in our products like our competitors, we use fresh fish. We are firm believers in why use a synthetic ingredient when we have so much real fish we can use!

And guess what Aussie pet owners are loving it! We receive the most amazing feedback from pet owners loving the products and thanking us for making it. Our management team is extremely passionate and very highly experienced. Watch this space we have more products in the development stage coming to a store near you!

So, take some time and enjoy our website and share in our passion for keep our furry mates healthy and happy!

P.S If you can’t find our products in your local independent store contact us 08 6161 7779  or and we will help you get our products readily available in your local supermarket.