Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Nutrimate Pet Food feeding guide per meal or per day?

All our Nutrimate Pet Food Fresh Dog Food range are formulated to meet the nutritional level established by the AAFCO. Our feeding guide is a per day recommendation. 

Do Nutrimate Fresh Dog Rolls contain taurine?

They sure do! Here at Nutrimate Pet Foods we value the importance of your Dog having the best balanced diet possible thats why our products contain all essential amino acids including taurine.

Taurine aids in cardiac function, eye health, immune system function, and in multiple other systems. Taurine is especially concentrated in the heart muscle and contributes to it functioning properly. 

Are Nutrimate Fresh Dog Rolls suitable for puppies?

They sure are! Our products are 100% Australian Made using 99% of Australian ingredients and are designed to suit the nutrient profiles for all Dog life stages. 

Are Nutrimate Fresh Dog Rolls good for a dogs skin & coat?

They definatley are! All our products contain Omega 3 & Tapicoa.

Omega 3 benefits all life stages of your dog by supporting the brain development of puppies, helping dogs with arthritis by reducing inflammation, improves their ability to fight cancer, benefits their immune system, boosts their heart and kidney health, improves their skin and coat health and aids in reducing anxiety, depression & hyperactivity.

Tapioca is better known for its mineral content, as Tapioca is an excellent source of iron, manganese, and calcium. These minerals are important for the production of red blood cells and for healthy bones. Sadly Tapioca doesn’t supply many of the vitamins that your dog will require. However, it does provide some micronutrients including a mix of the B Vitamins such as Folate and the Vitamin B6. The primary reason that Tapioca is in our fresh dog food range is because it is a also a dense energy source, it acts like fiber which helps with your dog maintain consistent digestion.

Omega3 & Tapicoa are known as being two of the top ingredients that assist dogs in over coming allergies and intolerances.

How long after opening a fresh dog roll should the product be kept?

Our Nutrimate fresh dog rolls need to be kept refrigerated below 4ºc. We recommend using the produt within 5 to 7 days. Exposure to oxygen will reduce the life of the product to ensure freshness seal the end of the roll with plastic wrap, store in an airtight container or seal in resealable plastic storage bags.

Are Nutrimate fresh dog rolls suitable for cats?

Yes they can be safely fed to cats but keep in mind Cats require a higher percentage of protein and fat than most dogs and they have specific requirements for additional taurine. Dogs that eat too much cat food are at risk of weight gain and even pancreatitis. Cats that eat dog food are at risk of weight gain when the food is high in carbohydrates, as well as more likely to develop deficiencies in important amino acids like taurine.

We recommend discussing this with your vet as they will be able to provide you with a more indepth analysis on what is best for you cat.